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Digital Tenders

Digital-Tenders 3.0 is an intuitive, web-based application that provides the essential functionality that organizations need to manage tendering, procurement and contracting effectively to reduce cost, increase efficiency, improve transparency and reduce risk.

Right out of the box, Digital-Tenders provides an easy to use, yet sophisticated tender management toolset that enables organizations to publish tender notices and bid documents; list tenders as public or private; manage vendors; accept bids securely online; access complete audit logs; and fast track productivity easily from any web browser.


Digital-Tendersis the leading online tender management system in the Caribbean and is positioned to transform the procurement and contracting process from the traditional paper based environment to an electronic one.

This solution is fully customizable and is specifically targeted at medium and large organizations who wish to have their own branded online tendering system and want the option to accept secure and encrypted electronic bids online. Some of the main features of Digital-Tenders include:

Some of the main features of Digital Tenders include:

  Upload all Tender Notices, Bid Documents and Appendices.
  Online Registration/Evaluation process to manage Pre-Qualified Vendors.
  Vendors can access Tenders Online via a standard Web Browser 24/7.
  System can be restricted to Pre-Qualified Vendors or open to the Public.
  Accept bids electronically through our Digital Tenders e-Box.
  Tenders e-Box cannot be opened before specified Date and Time.
  Complete Audit Trail and Activity Log, detailing access, time, activity etc.

If you would like to view more of the features of Digital Tenders, please see below for our brochure:

pdf icon Digtal Tenders Brochure

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